To Brazil, With Passion And Zest

‘Do it with passion or not all’ is our favorite motto at AX Solution Center. With great enthusiasm, hard work, and dedication, our team always makes sure that they deliver the best in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Providing the most effective and efficient Ax solutions to the ‘Luxurious French Fashion house’, gives every team member utmost satisfaction. It goes without saying, the successful implementation of these projects give us immense pride.

The successful go-live of Dynamics AX 2012 R3 in Brazil is one of the projects AX Solution Center takes great pride in. We were in charge of the installation, configuration, and training of all these applications. Apart from that, the topology and infrastructure architecture were completely designed by us.

In fact, many other factors make it even more special to us. This was our first such project in Brazil, which is often considered one of the most complex fiscal countries in the world. Also, this is our first AX implementation with POS Operations and E-commerce platform integration. The fact that the team used hitherto untouched technologies/ applications, which were completely different from our previous implementations, shows the hard work and thought that went into the project. Even when we faced challenges, we successfully implemented it within the schedule and budget. Of course, no doubt about it, the quality was at its best!

Talking about the technology, Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 with multiple AOS was set up as headquarters and ERP application for Brazil. Microsoft EPOS with Commerce data exchange (CDX) and Real time service (RTS) had implemented for POS application. Other components like Async server, Async client, Channel database with POS machine were part of the POS applications.

E-commerce with Hybris, Biztalk and AX was implemented for the Ecommerce site. Other components like Async server, Async client, Channel database and Real time service were part of the Ecommerce site. Real time data flowed from Hybris via Biztalk to AX. Important business information like customer data, pricing, orders etc. have been exchanged between the systems to ensure the smooth business operations.

Wondering what was the most exciting moment for us? The first sale from the boutique and e-commerce site in Brazil! We are proud to say that AX Solution Center has added another feather to its illustrious cap.