Solcen Technologies Pvt Ltd

Global IT Solution Provider

for Luxury Fashion House

What Solcen does?

The Solcen Company believes in performance and deliverability. We provide easy to implement IT solutions to leading French luxury fashion house that succour them to function clutter-freely. Our team of professionals works for the continual growth of our client. Here we keep a simple motto: Continuous Growth. Ask about our impetus and we’d say that we are a team of self-motivated mavens. Solcen Technologies also deal with several different genres in the corporate world like business consulting, agile software development, testing, and research.

Why Solcen Technologies?

With a perfect intermingling of people, processes, and technologies, Solcen always aims to provide the best IT solutions to our client in a reliable, faster and a more cost-effective way. We adore the lovely little talks but at times we say show us the code! We improvise our work for a better goal metric.  The Solcen Company never settles for anything lesser than the best. With excellence for more than 9 years in the IT industry, we always persevere to bring the best to our client. We provide dynamic and robust IT solutions that keep the French luxury fashion house always ready for random and unpredictable market shift. We also believe in an uninterrupted growth of all our employees. Why? It’s because in the end, we humans always make it possible. We always keep ourselves up-to-date to stay sharp at the corners. We always employ the latest trends onto our business as we believe modernism is the key to several business problems and we’re the pioneers here. We are managing our staff and keep the employees motivated for better interpersonal growth and business-oriented results. We organize and participate in several social/formal events for a better overall social growth. We don’t believe in working in silos. The Solcen Company always stays focused and motivated all the time. Here, we deal every problem with elegance and diligence.

Who Rely on Us?

It’s nothing to brag but The Solcen Company is presently working with a leading French luxury fashion house with around 36 various legal entities around the world. Need we say more? We have been continuously providing them with the best and the latest IT solutions which in-turn have helped them to manage their business goals better.

We are also providing all the solutions for their Apps services, Testing, TM1, Business Analytics and Microsoft Dynamics services with the latest provisions. Our team with their immense talent, focus, perseverance, determination, and ethos has found feasible solutions to several complex business problems. SolCen Technology is eminent because of its team and its capability of maintaining a healthy competence and deliverability.

About SolCen Technologies

Bangalore based company SolCen technologies, the reason behind its inception is quite simple; providing the best and affordable IT solutions. Our rigorous research and development, sole expertise, domain knowledge and passion to learn and evolve have helped Solcen to be a conspicuous contemporary in the market. We deal with a number of niches like ERP, testing, and apps. We believe in the power of knowledge and technology; both amalgamated together can do wonders.

As said, people make things possible and that’s what we believe in. Keeping this in mind, SolCen focuses on the employee’s interpersonal and professional skills. We have proven our proficiency by delivering the best IT services. We are a syndicate and share a common vision. We believe in making a positive difference to the society with our ideas and work.

Solcen’s Services

Microsoft Dynamics Services

A team of more than 80 experts with their MS Dynamics skill works continuously to deliver the best to our client. Solcen Technologies utilizes MS Dynamics services to provide simple and easy to implement IT solutions that help our client to function in a smoother way.

Apps Services

Mobile phones are continuously bringing changes in the way the world works. It has successfully changed the way we used to communicate on earlier days. With Solcen’s apps services, our client can reach out to a broader number of people because nowadays we can almost see a smartphone in everyone’s hand. Au naturel! The apps services provide a perfect framework to deliver all mobile-based services at Solcen.

Testing Services

At Solcen to keep the services bug-free, our prolific team utilizes their testing skill-set. We deal with Manual Testing, Automation Testing, Framework Deployment and QA Knowledge Management. All these together help Solcen to keep all the solutions glitch free.

TM1 Solution Centre

At Solcen, for a better grasp and understanding of the complex business problems in an easier way, we employ IBM Cognos TM1 enterprise planning software. What is it? It is a platform which is utilized to implement a detailed and collaborative planning with proper budgeting and impeccable forecasting solutions. It can also be used for analytical research and reporting applications.

Business Analytics & Intelligence

With the latest business analytics and intelligence practices, we methodically explore the data of leading French luxury fashion house. Here in Bangalore at SolCen, we use Business Analytics to analyze data-driven decision-making. Power BI is one of our tools. Business intelligence is employed for the integration, collection, presentation, and analysis of business information in an easily organized way. The sole purpose of BI is to support better business decision-making.

50+ Concurrent Projects
20+ Technologies/Platforms
State-of-the-Art Methodologies


We have been working with SolCen to build its Regional Dynamics AX single instance. The team in Bangalore is instrumental to the success of our project and close to 30 experts are participating to this strategic initiative. I am always impressed by the expertise and the commitment of SolCen employees and we plan to continue to invest in this partnership.

Philippe Baumlin CIO, ASIA Region

We work closely with SolCen to propose wide range of expertise to IT and Business Teams in our organization. SolCen Team has proven strong expertise on many technologies, offering our House the opportunity to revamp our Delivery model. Indian teams are involved in strategic projects in our different regions (Asia - Europe - USA - Americas). SolCen is a key asset on which we'll continue to invest in the following years.

Olivier BARBONNAT Director, Global Solution Centre, Paris

Thanks to their involvement and passion, the Bangalore teams are key contributors to the creation and the deployment of the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution and strategy within the organization. On both Business and Technical streams, they have proven their expertise. SolCen is integrated within our Global AX landscape thus providing the strong technical and business know-how.

Fabien Pierrel Global AX Solution Centre Manager

Dans un monde où la technologie évolue chaque jour, nos équipes techniques doivent être agiles principalement dans l'écosystème Microsoft (Dynamics AX) Pour ces défis, nous avons besoin d'experts techniques capables de gérer des projets de plus en plus complexes à travers le monde et d'intégrer de nouvelles fonctionnalités. Solcen est capable de livrer des projets techniquement complexes et le plus important avec passion.

Xavier Goret Global AX Technical Operation Manager